About Us

about us

Our mission at Total Body Training is to offer our clients top-notch fitness coaching, the best training tools possible, and all the accountability, motivation, nutrition education, and support they need to reach their goals and live inspired.  Living inspired has deep meaning for Tawnie, who in 2009 had an invasive surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from her colon.

Tawnie Hayne launched Total Body Training in the fall of 2006.  After an unfulfilling career in the finance industry and completing a 4 year Bachelor of Arts degree, Tawnie realized that she could turn her passion for fitness and helping people into the career of a lifetime.  Not content to offer the same old group fitness classes, Tawnie chose to create something special…

We take a boutique style approach to our fitness programs, which allows us to create an experience that is more than just an exercise class.  At Total Body Training we take pride in knowing every client by name.  We’ve celebrated birthdays, engagements, weddings, and new babies with our clients.  We’ve also been there to support our clients in times of great adversity and uncertainty.  Our personal approach makes our clients feel like valued members of a community.   I believe there is strength in a healthy community and we’re working hard to achieve that… one individual at a time.

Tawnie is a BCRPA Certified Fitness Coach with specialized certifications in Kettlebell Training (Agatsu), Joint Mobility & Movement (Agatsu), TRX Suspension Training (TRX Fitness Anywhere), and Sport Conditioning (Twist Conditioning).  In the past Tawnie has held certifications as a personal trainer and a pre and post-natal fitness coach.  She is currently working towards completing the Holistic Nutritionist Program through The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.

I was in absolute disbelief when the specialists told me I had a tumor in my colon.  I thought that things like this only happen to people who don’t take care of themselves.  There I was at 40 years old, feeling that my body had failed me and questioning all the healthy lifestyle choices I’d made.  What was the point if this is where you end up, I thought.  The surgery was hard, and recovering from having 20% of my colon removed was even harder.  But the most difficult part of my recovery was learning to trust my body again.  Realizing that my body didn’t fail me, and my healthy lifestyle choices weren’t for nothing took some time.  In actual fact, they allowed me to recover faster and with fewer long term interventions.  And now I get a second chance…..an opportunity to continue making healthy lifestyle choices, to live inspired, and to help others do the same.”

– Tawnie Hayne