Eat Clean

eat clean, train hard, live inspired

If you’re not putting as much into your nutrition as you are your fitness, you’re just spinning your wheels.  The secret to transforming your body and getting amazing and lasting results is combining good nutrition with regular exercise.  Our TBT Nutrition Plan shows you how simple that can be.

There are no gimmicks, diet pills, starvation protocols, or special supplements in our Eat Clean Plan.  It’s just real food and sound nutritional information that helps you take responsibility for your own decisions and finally live healthy.  The TBT Nutrition Plan is approved by Dr. Cobi Slater, Board Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine, Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner.

When you register for one of our Maple Ridge TBT Bootcamp or Kettlebell programs, you’ll get our Nutrition Plan completely free.  Start losing body fat today and watch your body transform into the strong, lean, healthy machine it wants to be.