Success Stories

success stories

Total Body Training has created an unparalleled fitness experience by combining innovative training, cutting edge nutrition education, and a personal approach to fitness. At TBT, our goal is to be more than just a fitness class. We aim to create the kind of place where participants are supported, encouraged, coached, and educated to achieve their best results ever.


Suspend your apprehensions and any negative preconceptions you might have about bootcamp! At Total Body Training you won’t find a drill sergeant screaming through a megaphone, cruel or unreasonable expectations or exercises that require crawling through the mud, humiliation or condescension, or aggressive ‘winner takes all’ competition between participants. Rather you will find Tawnie and Stacy, two of the most compassionate and caring fitness coaches you may ever come across, who offer creative, varied, challenging and fun bootcamp and kettlebell programs that work! Their calming presence, wonderful smiles and warm demeanours will immediately set you at ease. They are always truly attentive to each individual and have a gift for making everyone feel understood and special. Plus the fitness knowledge that they impart is second to none. And you will join a group of fitness enthusiasts of all ages and abilities who truly support and encourage each other to do their best. I have been a TBT participant since August 2007 and have been blessed to have had Tawnie’s support through both the good times and the bad. Her care and friendship have been extended to me beyond class time – Tawnie has genuinely supported me through many personal challenges and has made me believe that I can conquer anything that I set my mind to. She lives and leads by example, which is both inspiring and motivating. She is truly one of those special people and I am so honoured to say that she is my fitness coach and friend. I would encourage anyone thinking about joining either a TBT bootcamp or kettlebell class to do so without delay. You, and your health and fitness will be glad you did!


Lather, Rinse, Repeat.”  My TBT story started in Jan 2012 when I signed up for my first 4 week session, which also included the Eat Clean Challenge. I had seen the advertisement in the paper and liked the idea that there was a diet component in addition to exercise. I had never done any group exercise programs, so I had no idea what to expect. I wasn’t sure if I’d be joining a group from “The Biggest Loser” or a bunch of elite athletes. The truth was that there was a wide range of capabilities. There were people there that had obviously been at this for a while – the things they could do were so impressive but I never felt that my lack of fitness should be a source of embarrassment; instead the encouragement I received let me know that it was the effort that counts. Sure, there’s lots of hard work involved but there’s always a healthy dose of positive encouragement. I certainly appreciate the expert and tireless coaching, which is so important when you’re first learning the proper techniques. In particular, I find it very helpful to know “where” I should be feeling the activity because if you’re not doing it properly you’ll be working the wrong muscles (which could lead to an injury)! I have to admit the first 4 week session was a grind and a shock to the system but I made it through and surprised myself by signing up for the next one. After only one month I had lost 10 lbs. and over 5% body fat. I’m told that’s pretty good! My measurements were down too – quite noticeably in my face and neck but 3 inches from my stomach meant a whole new set of complications in the wardrobe department. I guess I didn’t realize how quickly and dramatically these kinds of changes would take place. My situation came about because at 41 years old, I’d spent almost 15 years with a less than active desk job. The odd golf game and recreational slo-pitch just weren’t enough to keep me fit. I was also making some less than desirable food choices. Our grocery store walkthrough with Dr. Cobi Slater showed me that there’s so much misleading food advertising. The result was that I was staring down the wrong side of 200 lbs. and needed to find something that would work for me! What I’ve discovered is that the morning program fits the bill. I get up a little earlier than I would normally and a few minutes after 7:00 am I’m back at home having a cup of coffee and ready to take on the day. I’ve also learned that there is no end point, no finish line where you can say to yourself – okay, now I’m done. You’ve got to enjoy the process! At some point I realized that my fitness level had increased to the point where I could start to take on some of the harder challenges. I also found out that I actually enjoy running. At this point, I’m not a long distance runner but when I turn on the afterburners for shorter sprints – it feels really good! At any rate, here I am, almost 20 lbs. lighter and more importantly – healthier, stronger and more fit than I’ve been since I was a teenager. I may not be faster than a locomotive or leaping any tall buildings any time soon, so until then … lather, rinse, repeat!

Fiona R.

When I signed up for this, I had no idea what to expect. I just hoped that I’d be able to follow it through. Not only did I follow it through, I am absolutely hooked! I set a goal for myself at the beginning, and that was simply to finish 4 weeks. Having not done any real exercise since I broke my foot 2 1/2 years ago, I looked ahead at turning 40 later this year and thought “where has the time gone?” I weighed and measured myself the first day, and then weighed and measured myself the last day……I’ve lost ten pounds and lots of inches! Yeah! I know it’s not just about the weight loss, but it helps! Thank you Tawnie! You don’t “push” us – you encourage us, and to me there is a big difference. When we did the last class on Friday I was so happy I could do the exercises without stopping, compared to the first two weeks. I can’t wait till the next one, and to complete my next goal.


At school, I always felt that sport was something to be endured rather than enjoyed and I became adept at inventing excuses to avoid gym classes. It wasn’t until after the birth of my daughter that I came to appreciate the benefits of physical activity. After joining Total Body Training I soon realized that exercising in a group setting, where you feel committed to that group, is much easier and much more fun. It is also a lot harder to come up with convincing excuses to avoid classes, even at 6am! There is no doubt that my quality of life has improved ten-fold since joining Total Body Training in Feb 2007. The benefits are profound and clear: apart from dropping several dress sizes, I have markedly increased energy levels and can handle the demands of a deadline driven work environment much more calmly and easily. I have achieved, and at times exceeded, my own fitness goals by participating in 10K and 5K races outside of Bootcamp. A major, and unexpected benefit for me is an increased enjoyment of free time: exercise liberates the mind, giving me the freedom to think and plan ahead.


I have been active my entire life but it has been years since I have truly enjoyed any type of exercise program. Since my first class I have loved every minute of Total Body Training. The results that I have achieved and maintained have far surpassed my expectations. TBT is my escape from the busyness of being a mom and a professional. I feel stronger and happier in everything that I do. Thanks Tawnie for your support and coaching, and your ability to transform people into more than they thought they could be.


What a difference a year makes!! In the fall of 2008, I was overweight, out of shape, depressed, and suffering from high blood pressure. My doctor was about to put me on my third blood pressure med, anti-depressants and send me to a psychiatrist. I had hit rock bottom. My husband, tired of hearing me complain about how none of my clothes fit, told me to take some money from our savings and go buy some new (larger) clothes. I was devastated at that thought. I needed to make a change. In a move completely uncharacteristic of me, I asked him if I could take some of that money, enroll in Total Body Training instead and buy new clothes when I was thinner. Thank goodness he agreed! On November 17th, 2008 I walked up the three flights of stairs to Tawnie’s indoor class carrying a 5 lb. weight in each hand. By the time I reached the top floor I was winded. I was also petrified. I’d never been athletic and I’d been completely idle for the better part of a year. I had no idea what to expect , but Tawnie immediately put me at ease by welcoming me with a warm smile and telling me to just go at my own pace. My own pace was slow…really slow! And that first class was tough. I was ready to go home after the warm up! But I persevered, each class got a little easier and a year later I’m a whole new person. The past year has transformed my life! I lost twelve pounds within the first few sessions and then in the spring of 2009 Tawnie issued the Eat Clean Challenge. I thought I was doing a pretty good job of healthy eating until the challenge opened my eyes to how much better I could be doing. Determined to succeed at the challenge (and win that awesome prize package), I dug in my heels and followed the instructions to the letter. Everything was going great until two weeks into the challenge when my grandmother passed away. As a lifelong emotional eater, my first instinct was to grab a bag of Oreos and a bottle of wine. And I would have, had it not been for the challenge. Knowing that I would be sabotaging all the hard work I’d already put in, I resisted the urge to pig out and instead focused my attentions on meal planning and cooking foods for the challenge. By having something else to focus on other than my Grandmother’s death, I was able to keep from completely falling apart. The morning classes helped me to work off stress, and the clean diet allowed me to have a clear mind and a healthy body to help keep me strong during that emotional time. At the end of the four week challenge I had dropped an additional 11.8 lbs (9% of my pre-challenge weight)! I had also lost 14 inches and 18 mm of body fat. I felt fantastic! Better than I had in ten years. Not only had I dropped all of this weight, but for the first time in my life I had control of my eating and knew exactly what needed to be done in order to maintain the weight loss. I also learned that through proper diet and exercise you can overcome just about anything. I went on to win the challenge and six sessions of Total Body Training! Over those next six sessions Tawnie continued to encourage and challenge me to dig deeper, try harder. As a result, I can honestly say that I’m in the best shape of my life. Both mentally and physically. I feel so strong, so empowered. I’ve conquered things in this past year that I never thought possible. I can do full push-ups! Lots of them! And I can run more than a block! In fact, I just completed my first race, running a 13.14 km leg of the Haney to Harrison 100km Relay Race. Never in a million years did I dream I would end up being a runner, and that I would love it. That was an experience that I will never forget and one that I couldn’t have completed had it not been for Tawnie’s support and training. My inner athlete has been unleashed and there’s no turning back now! I did end up buying those news clothes my husband offered…but two sizes smaller!! Oh, and I never did need those drugs or a psychiatrist. In fact, it’s hard to even remember the person I was November 2008.


After realizing that I’ve spent way too long over the past while in a largely sedentary way of living — having roles at the university that had me sitting in meetings for ridiculous amounts of time in a day, a week, a month – I came to terms with how out of shape I had become. It became clear to me that I was getting to the age when it gets harder to reverse things if I didn’t get it in gear now. While it has been a challenge at times, you’ve helped me realize that it all starts with making a start. What matters most is just trying and trying again. Some days are good and some are more of a challenge, but that’s all part of it. I’ve also realized how important good nutrition is in the whole mix. It’s been interesting to me that after working out, I really don’t want to eat things that aren’t good for me. My partner and I have really enjoyed exploring new recipes and tastes, and we’ve found that when we occasionally have foods we used to eat, they aren’t satisfying and they don’t taste good anymore. Having the Eat Clean Challenge and all the Eat Clean recipes that my partner and I have discovered and tried, has been a real bonus. I feel so much more energized (and I’m not even close to being in top condition…yet!). I often walk our dog right after we get home from kettlebell class and I have all this energy to take him on longer walks than I would have even a month ago — and that energy persists through the day!